NAFO-seminaret 2019 - Spesielt invitert foreleser

Douglas E. Kostewicz

Årets spesielt inviterte foreleser er professor Douglas E. Kostewicz fra University of Pittsburgh. Kostewicz er hovedforeleser på årets forseminar som vil diskutere spørsmålet om hva som lar seg måle. På hovedseminaret vil han holde en forelesning om "Visual Analysis within Behavior Analysis".

Douglas E. Kostewicz, Bio:

Dr. Douglas Kostewicz is an Associate Professor of special education the University of Pittsburgh and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral level. Kostewicz has published multiple research articles and book chapters focused on effective educational practices, behavior analysis, and Precision Teaching. He has also served as a past editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration. His current foci include the effects of teacher-initiated interactions on student behaviors and graphical construction and usage in behavior analysis and special education.

Under finner du beskrivelse av de to forelesningene han vil avholde på seminaret

Forelesning på forseminar

Evidence-Based Behavior Analysis: Based on…what?

Douglas E. Kostewicz University of Pittsburg

Kategori: Konseptuell/teoretisk atferdsanalyse

Sammendrag: Many scientific disciplines strive to identify with the term Evidence-Based. In other words, those within the discipline seek to compile interventions and findings with the strongest, current, and best evidence available to guide decision making. Behavior analysis has also attempted to establish and share evidence-based practices. The presence and quality of data within behavior analytic-scholarly publications drive the evidence-base process. The current presentation will examine instances of and the presentation quality of data within the field of behavior analysis. Instances of data involve the amount of space the field dedicates to data tables and graphics. Presentation quality entails the construction/display of time series graphics, a behavior analytic prime driver. A discussion of the findings center on the establishment of a behavior-analytic evidence base on potentially faulty evidence.


Visual Analysis within Behavior Analysis

Douglas E. Kostewicz University of Pittsburg

Kategori: Konseptuell/teoretisk atferdsanalyse

Sammendrag: The analysis of graphic data in single case designs serves as the primary means for judging the significance of results. Many sources both within and outside behavior analysis provide guidelines for the visual analysis of graphed time series data. Following a compiling of the rules of visual analysis, the current talk will focus on the results of a survey of within condition analyses within behavior analytic journals. The results found a majority of articles used very few within condition analytic tactics. When used, researchers tended to rely on level rather than trend, variability, or number of data points per condition. The discussion covers adherence to graphical analysis guidelines and the subjective nature of qualitative descriptors.